My Four Percent Challenge Journey – VLOG #1

My Four Percent Challenge Journey – VLOG #1

My Four Percent Challenge Journey – VLOG #1



My Four Percent Challenge Journey after completing 14 sessions of training has been extremely rewarding.  I’ve been challenged to become better in my thinking, attitude and behavior.  My main takeaway has been the FOCUS on income producing activities and on achieving my personal goals in life and business.


As a result of the training, I’ve been able to generate more traffic, leads and sales for my Four Percent online marketing business.  I’ve also gained valuable internet marketing skills and learned how to use tools of the internet marketing trade to sell my products online and function as a more professional online entrepreneur.


The results I’ve experienced after just 14 sessions of training within the Four Percent Challenge is over 500 visitors to my unique business landing page, 110 leads and 3 sales.  I’ve learned how to identify what I want, set and focus on my goals, build landing pages, use a link tracker, set up an email autoresponder, build an e-mail list, establish an online presence and how to generate targeted traffic to my offers.


Finally, one of my best accomplishments is making the Top 100 Leaderboard as #62 after just my 14th session of training.  I’m very excited about moving forward in the challenge and will continue to share my journey with you.



I hope to see you taking the Four Percent Challenge so you too can achieve personal success in your life and business.

See you at the Top!  Be Fabulous…..

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  1. […] of my newest milestones I’ve reached in business since VLOG #1 is reaching the #8 spot on the daily personal sales leaderboard among over 25K promotional partners […]

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