Grow Your Life

Grow Your Life

Grow Your Life

to grow your life, you must first grow your character Click To Tweet



To grow your life, you must first grow your character.  This means that character is the foundation of our lives.  To grow your character means to improve your thoughts, feelings & behavior.  Growing your character is about focusing on the growth & development of your ideas, attitudes & habits.  And what you grow & develop your character into will determine your life….specifically the results you get in life.


When you don’t like the life you have or the results you’re currently getting, and you decide you want better then you have to figure out how to get going.  Well, I just told you that your character determines your life.  And your character is a combination of your thoughts, feelings & actions.   But your starting point is always the mind.   It’s your thoughts that lead to feelings and feelings into actions.  So, if you want it…. then plant it.  Decide on the results you want in life & plant it to get it.   The mind is where you plant the seed that will grow into the life you want.


Grow Your Life

The mind is where you plant the seed that will grow into the life you want. Click To Tweet




Understand you must first choose the seed to get what you want; or you will get what you’ve always got.   The seed = Your Vision/Goals/Wants/Desires.  So, decide what you want; set goals; create a vision for your future and put that seed in your mind… water it…nurture it….and care for it.  


I learned from one of my mentors, Jim Rohn, a great lesson that his mentor (Earl Shoaff) taught him after complaining about circumstances… He mentioned, “…For things to change, you must change; For things to get better, you must first get better.”

Why?  Because you get what you are.   And guess what? …You are who you are because of what goes into your mind.  You become what you think!  And if we can learn to control our thoughts we can build the life of our dreams.




The key is to focus on the life you want and start improving yourself one thought at a time.  Those thoughts will lead to feelings and then to actions.  The ultimate goal of education is not to learn something you didn’t already know… the ultimate goal of education is changed behavior.

So, be willing to change.  Be willing to adopt new ideas, new attitudes & new habits.  Be willing to work harder on yourself than on anything else because change starts and ends with YOU!

And remember why you are here on earth.  You are here to grow & serve others.  You set goals not to get, but you set goals to GROW so you can be a better servant to others.

Be who you need to be to achieve success… Pay the Price!  Start with something simple…. take that first step and do what you know to do; no matter how easy it seems… take that step; because what’s easy to do is also easy not to do.  But that first step of faith will produce for you, your very own first set of results that will give you the confidence to keep going until your dreams are realized.


Just remember, Grow Yourself First and everything you want will follow.  Things will change for you, if and only if you decide to change!



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  1. Kassie Tran-Sezgi says:

    Thank you Kelsey for this article. It really resonated with me and my outlook on life. Keep up the good work!!

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