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I've been serving the online marketing & personal development community since 2013 and remain committed to Helping At Least 1K Online Entrepreneurs Per Year Achieve Personal Success in Life & Business.

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At age 21, while on an international business trip at the start of my senior year in college, I decided I wanted to be better. While seated on the bedroom floor inside of a room I rented out in this old 2-story home in Cape Town, South Africa on a cool, autumn night, I gazed out of the open windows and made a decision that I wanted a better life.

I wanted to live at my fullest potential. I was done with mediocrity and settling for average living. I wanted salvation; I wanted to be a full-time entrepreneur; I wanted to be a husband and father; I wanted better control of my time and finances; I wanted better health; I wanted abundance; I wanted peace; I wanted truth and to share truth and positivity with others; I wanted to teach morality and bring about positive change in our world and in the lives of others.

To sum it all up, what I think I wanted most of all, and was now choosing was to live and not die. I now possessed the desire to live a life that I really wanted; a desire for peace and abundant living.

``I believe when one chooses to grow the courage to live their dream they will inspire others to take action on their own dreams. ``


I Am What I Choose to Be. And Who I Choose to Be is Fabulous… I Am Morally Excellent in Thought, Attitude & Behavior. I Am Growing a Fabulous Character and Helping Others Do the Same.


Choose who it is you want to be and decide what it is you truly want. Think on your goals, dreams and desires. When you put what you want in your mind and conceive an idea; through repetition of thought you develop a desire or belief concerning that idea and then act on it with an attitude of confidence & persistence.


Remember this, if you can believe it and remain willing to work towards it, you can take ownership of it…. you can grow the life you want from the soil of your mind by the power of belief.

It starts with controlling your thought life. Then from your thoughts you develop beliefs that make up YOUR BRAND and Your Brand is Your Life’s Success Story about how through consistent action and habits you achieved the results you wanted in life & business!

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