My  Home Business Entrepreneur Story




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Thanks for stopping by.  I’m Kelsey and I’d like to first introduce myself by the two eternal roles I am most excited about in my life:  Husband & Father


Sometime during my 2nd year in college I was beginning to have doubts about devoting my life to the typical corporate lifestyle.  I did 2 college internships with a Fortune 500 company and took upon other leadership roles to test my interests and was convinced that I wanted to be an entrepreneur.  I had no idea how this would occur so continued to follow my interests.


One day I came across one of those modeling & acting conventions and thought this would be fun to do.  I thought Tyson Beckford, Boris Kodjoe and all those guys at the time were doing pretty well for themselves and lived the freedom I actually wanted in my life.  So after not making my college basketball team,  I decided I’d focus on graduating from college and getting a great corporate job.


Although, these were all noble goals, I always felt like there was more to life than this traditional path.  I didn’t like who I was or who I was becoming at the time.  I wanted more out of life; I wanted to be more and do more.  And although the pursuit of these traditional goals were nice, they just didn’t hold the substance I needed; they were not enough to satisfy the life I wanted.


However, this is what I knew to do at the time and was beginning to develop the courage to pursue my true, heartfelt interests in entrepreneurship.  Soon thereafter, I signed with a modeling agent and began building a career in modeling & acting.  I became very disciplined and focused and managed to draw more interests from more reputable agents.  This led to an experience that would change my life forever.



My Home Business Entrepreneur Story




In my senior year of college I was invited to work with a modeling agency in Cape Town, South Africa.  It just so occurred that I had enough college credits to take one semester off before graduating.  So I excitedly accepted the invitation and spent 3 months in Cape Town as a model and actor.  I was even awarded marketing college internship credit for my experience.  I had a wonderful time, met some wonderful people and learned some wonderful truths about myself.


I thought I was going to South Africa to succeed as a top model & actor and develop this awesome portfolio of work, however, what I experienced was a realization about who I was and what I wanted at that point in my life.  My brother insisted I took a bible with me and I did along with 3 other books, Tony Robbins’ Awaken The Giant Within , Les Brown’s It’s Not Over Until You Win & Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People.  These 4 books were instrumental in my personal growth and development.  I took time to breathe…to think & to make important life decisions.


By now, I had begun to miss my family tremendously by the third month and wanted out.  Modeling and acting was great but my values were changing.   One of those was my desire to establish a family and the other was a greater realization of this entrepreneurship drive I had.


I came out of Cape Town with a 25-year detailed plan and a drive like no other to become the best I can become; to live my greatest potential.  I returned to the states with a new appreciation for life and a desire to build a family and pursue a dream I never knew I had…to bring out the best in others as a teacher.


My message was clear…live and give the truth.  So I began to change my behavior, continued to study the scriptures and became focused on transformation; not only in my life but in the lives of others.


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Once I returned, I started my 2nd term as a college intern in my field of study and it just wasn’t the same.  My values changed and my interests in modeling were also beginning to fade.  This was occurring probably because my focus was no longer there; the only thing I could think about was studying the scriptures and teaching.  I was also ready to get back to school, graduate and start preparing for a family.  I had a clear vision of what I wanted for my future and had built into my detailed plan when this all would occur.  Little did I know that my plans were not Yahweh’s plans for me and He would ultimately direct my paths.


So, after just 3 months of returning to the states, I was reunited to a high school classmate by a mutual friend and I ended up engaged to be married 3 months later.  Then after just another 3 months of being engaged, I married my beautiful wife Miranda exactly one week after graduating from college; we’ve been married now for 16 years. We are the blessed parents of 7 phenomenal children.


I‘m originally from New Iberia, LA, and graduated college from Louisiana State University. We’ve lived in 5 different states but have come to settle down in West Texas; the place we now call home.  I’ve worked as a full-time professional in corporate america for over 17 years in the areas of retail management, marketing and human resources.


I‘m grateful to have survived corporate america all of these years but am now even more grateful to exercise the courage to pursue a full-time career as a home business entrepreneur. I was never one to stick to the status quo if I knew I could do & be better.  Between my parents, sports and other influences, I’ve always been driven to greatness.  And now I cannot picture my life outside of being anything other than an agent of change; working to produce change in the lives of people as a home business entrepreneur.


In 2002, after my wife and I decided to start a family we decided she would stay home so we can home school our children, keep them out of daycare and be active everyday in depositing moral values in their lives.  We were making very aggressive belief & lifestyle changes that wasn’t very popular with old friends & family and neither was it corporate friendly.  So, as our family values continued to change it became much more of a challenge to follow the traditional way of earning a living.  We knew that something had to change if we ever hoped to live the life of freedom we desired to live.


My Home Business Entrepreneur Story




Sometime in late 2002 or early 2003, I was introduced to the network marketing industry.  It took me 5 different network marketing company experiences over a 12 year period to find the right fit, obtain the right understanding and team up with the right mentors.


I also made early attempts at starting other home businesses such as an online retail store, manufacturing and wholesale ventures as well as professional consulting but none offered what the direct sales and network marketing industry offered; time + financial freedom + personal growth & development opportunity.


The takeaway from all of this is that I believed in the network marketing model enough to know that it was the perfect set up that my family needed to live our values and accomplish our dreams.  I made a decision that I would not stop pursuing it until I could transition out of corporate america, build a home business full-time and then help others to do the same.


My desire was to break-out the “system” and help other families live a more enjoyable life.  I knew it would eventually come to the point to where I would have to make some tough decisions; to where I would have to demonstrate another level of boldness and courage; to where I would have to get comfortable living out of my comfort zone.


Well, guess what?  Those opportunities for growth & transition came quite frequently.  And rightfully so, because once I began expanding my knowledge and skills in the direct sales and network marketing industry everything sort of worked itself out.


I now find myself in a position of establishing a full-time online home-based business; coaching and mentoring other home business entrepreneurs who possess the same dream I have to live a life of FREEDOM! Not just financial freedom but having the ability to control my time and live life according to the values that are most important to me and my family.  This means financially, physically, spiritually, mentally, etc…. I describe this as wholeness with nothing missing and nothing broken.  No lack whatsoever; abundant living!


Well, the only avenue that ever gave me an opportunity for this type of life was owning a home-based business and developing personal development, internet marketing and personal branding skills as an online home business entrepreneur.  With these skills I could build any home business I needed to build to help accomplish what I ultimately hope to do which is, “Restore People Back to Life”.  This is the lifetime mission of my parent company, Affinity Earth, Inc.


Today,  as part of my direct sales and marketing company, Fabulous Marketing LLC, I have a vision of helping 5 home business entrepreneurs per day tell their own story and build their own dreams.  I’m building a team of ‘Fabulous People’.  A group of dedicated online home business entrepreneurs, internet marketers, affiliate marketers, network marketers and direct sales professionals who want to produce change in the lives of other online home business entrepreneurs by equipping them with the personal development, internet marketing and personal branding tools and education needed to build a long-term, sustainable home-based business.


I‘d love to work with you as your partner in building dreams.  I believe when one demonstrates the courage to live their dream they will inspire others to never give up on their own dreams.  Let us all encourage one another to never quit on the one thing that motivates our desire to continue living and continue giving.


Be Fabulous & Get Busy Living!


Your Friend, Coach & Online Mentor,


Kelsey J. Simon


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