How to Develop a Traffic Generation Strategy


How to Develop a Traffic Generation Strategy

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The final step to building customer value is communicating the value that was first created and then delivered through your blogging, email marketing and sales funnel.

Traffic is really what drives a targeted audience into your sales funnel.  Traffic are the visitors who experience your online ads, respond to your initial offers, engage your blog posts and become your new leads.

You must view traffic as another revenue stream instead of as an expense to your home business.  Traffic is actually the lifeblood of your business.  Without traffic you have no one to exchange value with.



How to Develop a Traffic Generation Strategy

There are free ways such as social media and blogging to generate traffic but I suggest that once you begin earning income that you invest in paid traffic to expand your reach and grow your home business.

Remember, traffic is a revenue stream when you learn to build valuable content, capture targeted leads, engage your new leads and build profit-producing, value-based sales funnels that converts new leads into loyal customers.

Traffic is the last action step you should take after setting the stage for capturing leads and converting sales.



How are you generating traffic to your online content?



developing a traffic generation strategy

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