How to Develop a Sales Strategy

How to Develop a Sales Strategy

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Your sales presentation is the closing process of the value-delivery process.

At this point, you’ve created content value and delivered that value to new leads as a FREE, irresistible lead magnet.  The lead magnet is where you started the business relationship.

After delivering the promised lead magnet, you introduce more valuable content via email messages and blog posts.  Now, it’s time to start presenting your leads with the opportunity to become customers.

The idea is that the greater the level of content you offer the higher the price your customers pay.  At levels within the sales funnel, there is an exchange of time and/or money.  The goal is to create a win-win situation where both the buyer and seller give and receive value.



How to Develop a Sales Strategy


In every sales funnel, there is a beginning, middle and end.  The most profitable sales funnels has value all throughout the funnel process.

The beginning of the funnel may result in a loss because you may decide to give valuable content FREE of charge to begin the relationship.

The middle takes a lot of your time and requires that you totally commit to the branding process.  Allow your new leads to become familiar with your brand, who you are and what you can do to help solve their problems.

Another great idea is to include within your sales funnel, multiple affiliate tools and other valuable offers that will serve as useful for your leads.  Multiple offers will also help you monetize your marketing and advertising efforts.

The real profit is made on the back-end offer where you provide the opportunity for the greatest investment by your new leads and initial customers.

The better you become at creating engaging sales funnels, the more products you’ll sell.  Take the time to test different lead magnets, lead capture pages, bridge pages, sales pages and checkout pages.

I suggest using sales funnel tools to help you select and build attractive and tested pages that helps you stand out as a professional online marketer.


How are you presenting sales opportunities to your targeted audience?


developing a sales strategy

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