How to Develop a Follow-up Strategy

How to Develop a Follow-up Strategy

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Take your online leads on a path to success.  Remember, success is reached when your leads reach their intended goals.  It’s not about you but all about what’s in it for them.



How to Develop a Follow-up Strategy?


Start off with the first piece of content you offer which is your FREE, irresistible lead magnet. Then proceed with more value-based content that helps solve problems for your leads and helps to move them closer to achieving their personal and business goals.

The better you become at engaging your leads with valuable content, then more of your new leads will become customers and more of your new customers will become return customers.

I’ve found that an email marketing platform is the best tool for following-up and engaging leads with useful content.  I use content vehicles such as blogging and email platforms to deliver valuable content to a targeted audience in a consistent manner.  This strategy has made all the difference in how I engage those who are interested in what I have to offer.

How do you follow-up with your new leads?


developing a follow-up strategy

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