How to Get People to Visit Your Blog?

How to Get People to Visit Your Blog?

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Want people to consistently visit your blog?

Sure you do… but why?

Why do you want people to visit?  Why should anyone want to visit your blog?  How will they benefit from visiting your blog?


These are questions that must be answered because they play an integral role in you getting people to visit your blog.  I say this because the best way to get a constant flow of targeted consumers to visit your blog is to attract them.

So, you might be thinking…. well, how do I attract people to my blog.  You attract the group of people you want visiting your blog with valuable content that solves a problem for those people.

If your blog contains valuable information that your targeted visitor wants to know then once they arrive on your blog they will find your information useful and valuable to them.



But the main question is…

How to get people to visit your blog?


Because once you create valuable content and deliver that valuable content by publishing it on your blog for your targeted visitor to consume; you now have to communicate the value you’ve created and delivered.


Communication of your valuable content is best done through advertising.  Advertise your content to your targeted audience and direct the people to your blog to consume the content you created for them.

Think of your advertising as an invitation to visit your blog.  Tell people about the value you’ve created for them and then tell them what to do and where to go to gain access to that value.

This is how you get people to visit your blog… invite them.


There are four primary ways in which you can invite new blog visitors through advertising:

1) Advertise your blog posts using social media marketing sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc…
2) Advertise your blog posts using email marketing platforms such as Get Response and Aweber.
3) Advertise your blog posts using search engine marketing methods such as search engine optimization using targeted keywords for your niche.

4) Advertise your blog posts using news media marketing partners such as to release press releases about your content.


To wrap this blog post up, I want to reiterate what it is you must do to get people to visit your blog…

First, create valuable content: create content your audience would appreciate

Next, deliver valuable content: make your information available on a consistent basis on your blog

Finally, communicate valuable content:  advertise your content by inviting your targeted audience to consume the content you’ve created for them



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