How to Start a Direct Sales Business Blog

How to Start a Direct Sales Business Blog?

Twitter and Facebook is great but starting a blog of your own is best. Click To Tweet



As a direct sales consultant or network marketing professional, delivering content to your targeted audience on your own blog is important to your online marketing efforts.


Using social media platforms such as twitter, facebook, linkedin or even youtube is great but as a home business entrepreneur starting a direct sales business blog of your own is best.


Why is starting a direct sales business blog of your own important?


Because you own the content and you own the space.   No one can shut you down, tell you what to blog about or control your voice online.  When you’re using someone else’s blog the owner sets the rules.  You’re told how and when to discuss your direct sales products and home business opportunity.


The lack of control can negatively impact your ability to sell your direct sales products or recruit other network marketing professionals for your direct sales team.


Finally, starting your own blog helps to brand you as an expert in the direct selling industry.   It is important to brand yourself online among the millions of other home business entrepreneurs who are also sharing their valuable content about their valuable products, services and business opportunities.



How Do I Build a Direct Sales Business Blog?


Building your own blog is not for the technically challenged.  I’m not very technically savvy myself but was willing to learn the basic steps involved with starting a blog.


I understand how costly and time-consuming starting a business blog can be which is why I recommend the E-Stage Personal Branding Blogging System to all home business entrepreneurs who would like to start a blog and begin marketing their business online.


The E-Stage Blogging System provides a blogging platform for entrepreneurs who desire to market their personal brand and business on the internet.  The E-Stage Blogging System is a branding station that was built for marketers by marketers.  It is my top recommended internet marketing tool for home business entrepreneurs.


With the E-Stage Blogging System, you no longer have to be technically savvy or have to deal with the frustrations of building a blog from scratch or managing the blog all by yourself.  With a one-time payment of $497 you get an E-Stage software license key, top-notch training, technical support, unique plug-ins, multiple unique themes and options to fully customize your blog.


You can start your own self-hosted blog without the marketing bells & whistles of the E-Stage Marketing Engine, but you also have the option of building your online brand using the E-Stage Blogging System which makes it much quicker, easier and affordable.





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