How Content Marketing Supports Direct Sales

How Content Marketing Supports Direct Sales

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Interested in creating value for your direct sales customers?

You need quality content directed towards solving a problem or answering a question for your target customer.

The Value of Content Marketing for Direct Sellers


Direct Sellers find that their direct sales leads and prospects go online searching for information about the products they carry and the business opportunities they provide.

The information that is being searched for online is referred to as content.  Content can be created in many different forms for distribution and consumption.

You can write articles about your products and/or services.  You can record videos about your business opportunity.  You can record audio podcasts about the features and benefits of your direct sales products.

The possibilities for creating content are endless.  What you want to do as a direct seller is create and deliver the content that your target audience is in demand for.  What type of information is needed to help clear the next hurdle in their business?  Focus on helping your target audience advance towards accomplishing their business goals.




3-Step Plan of Action to

Create Customer Value for Direct Sales Customers



The effectiveness of how content marketing supports direct sales depends largely on 3 action steps.

I refer to this process as P-E-P and I encourage direct sales representatives and network marketing professionals to put some PEP in their step.

1.  Creating a Content Marketing Plan :  plan your content topic, objective, keyword, target market, release date and medium.

2.  Executing a Content Marketing Plan:  create the content you plan to release and make it available for your target audience according to your planned time of release.

3.  Promoting a Content Marketing Plan:  promote the quality content you plan for, create and make your content available on your blog.  Now you can invite your audience to visit your blog and consume the content you created.



If you’re ready to start creating your very own content marketing plan, I provide access to a FREE template in the resources section at the top of this page.  Enjoy!

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