3 Simple Steps to Create a Content Marketing Plan

How to Create a Content Marketing Plan

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Have you ever heard the popular adage, “content is king”?  Well, there is great truth to this because content creation determines the value you’re able to provide to your network marketing customers.


Content Marketing has been treated like a buried treasure but more online network marketers are starting to realize the value of creating high-quality content.  The development of a detailed content strategy will help you to attract more blog visitors, more leads and ultimately more interested buyers.

Content creation is how blog visitors and network marketing leads come to know you, like you and trust you.  If you’re producing quality content that answers questions and solves problems for your followers then you’ll eventually convert the sale.

There are 3 main action steps to creating valuable content for your network marketing blog visitors.  These 3 action steps make up a solid content marketing plan that will build customer value and position you for success in the network marketing industry (aka direct-selling or multi-level marketing).




Creating a Content Marketing Plan

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3 Simple Steps to Create a Content Marketing Plan


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  1. Plan Your Content:  define your audience and create content specifically for that targeted audience.  Acknowledge their problems, provide a solution and give a clear call-to-action to access more solutions from you.  You can exchange your solutions for leads & eventually sales.  Your goal should be to establish relationships with consumers using your content.  High quality content will attract blog visitors, leads and customers.  Content examples include relevant images, articles and/or videos.  Ideally, you want to create 1 piece of content per day.  If you’re unable to produce new, original content everyday then make it your goal to produce at least 2-3 new content pieces per week.  Focus your efforts on developing a well-thought out congruent strategy for content topics.  Use an editorial calendar to help plan your content marketing.  Visit my resources section for a FREE editorial calendar template.
  2. Execute Your Content:  consistently work the content plan that you created in action step one.
  3. Promote Your Content:  after planning and executing your content you want to promote it so that your targeted audience can benefit from the value you’ve created.  A promotion plan will help you to decide in advance what to promote and a promotion schedule will help you plan out when and where to promote.  A great idea is to build your promotion schedule into your editorial calendar.  Get a FREE template on my resources page.




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