5 Mobile Blogging Tips for Beginners

mobile blogging tips for beginners

Mobile Blogging Tips for Beginners


With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it seems as though everything is going mobile, including creating and maintaining a blog.


While desktops and laptops used to be the only method for blogging, new technology has made it convenient to manage a blog post through a variety of free mobile platforms.


  • WordPress keeps current on a variety of mobile blogging apps, most of which are free. The apps allow you to manage your blog from an iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows devices. These user-friendly apps are available through iTunes or other respective app stores.


  • Google Blogger has stepped up to the plate and offers services to any mobile device that can send texts and emails. It simply converts any email account into a blog post. All you have to do is establish a Blogger account, access “settings”, then create an email in order to have a Mail-to-Blogger address. Text messages have a similar procedure to follow for posting text and images automatically to your blog.


  • Another top mobile blogging service is Mobify, normally an e-commerce business service, which also provides a free tool for designing a web-based graphic interface that inserts text, videos and images from your mobile device to your blog. Updates can be easily added over time.


  • Another blog platform that is ideal for mobile operations is called TypePad. Take some time to research other sources. There is a growing market for maintaining a web log via mobile devices.


  • To complement the above mentioned platforms, check out Instagram, a fun, free way to instantly share your photos with your community. It speedily sends your memorable moments to Twitter, Facebook, or Flicker and can be a great way to link your blog post and keep in touch with your readers.


Join the millions that are taking advantage of smart phones and tablets in order to setup and operate their blogs. People love the convenience and enjoy having connectivity anywhere.



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