How To Increase Traffic Using Blog Backlinks

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How To Increase Traffic Using Blog Backlinks


A proven method for increasing traffic, which equals the number of visitors to your blog, is to build backlinks. Simply put, this means linking from someone else’s blog or website back to yours.


One benefit of establishing blog backlinks is to make you more visible to help you get to the top page of the Google Search list using a method that is beyond natural searches.


As a blogger, your goal should be to give readers the most useful information possible. This can be your “link bait“, which includes articles, videos, and other blog content that draws attention and lures traffic in.


This can be done by linking back to posts which publish similar content. In your text mention the other site and include a link. This may motivate that web master to then link to your blog.


As you explore similar web logs leave comments and include your URL address so that a reader may be motivated to click to your page.


Another way to promote backlinks is to request to interview the experts in your field and post it, including links to their website.


Some claim if you post controversial content about a popular topic you can get more blog backlinks.


No matter the subject, publish valuable content and offer to write high quality guest articles for others who share a common topic in exchange for a link back to your weblog.


There are services available that provide the necessary codes for inserting blog backlinks. If you decide to  write your own HTML and CSS codes, make sure the data is exact and handy as you copy and paste into each link. It can be time consuming to add backlinks, so be prepared.


To be able to track your backlinks, click on settings on your blog page, go to Posts and Comments tab, and click Show. Next to the comments section you will see “links to this post”. When you click it will take you to that post. Every link listed is then indexed by Blog Search. This process may be somewhat different based on the blog provider.




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