3 Ways To Make Money With Blog Ads

make money with blog ads


Earning money through blog advertising is taking a reputable stand in e-commerce. While quitting your full-time job may be your long-term goal, earning some extra income could be a very realistic short-term goal.





There are three main ways you can potentially

make money with blog ads


  • Pay-per-click (PPC), which is also called cost per click is very popular. What this means is that Internet advertisers pay the website owner a fixed price every time the ad is clicked on the blog page.


Wikipedia defines it as “the amount spent to get an advertisement clicked“. This is especially useful if clicks are the main purpose desired. A flat-rate for each click may be agreed upon between the publisher and advertiser.

A bid-based PPC is where the advertiser is allowed to compete against other advertisers, commonly operated through an advertising network.


  • Pay-per-impression (CPM) refers to a form of on-line advertising where the ad is displayed on the blog page. When a certain number of visitors land on the page a calculated amount is earned.


  • Cost-per-action (CPA) can sometimes be called Pay-Per-Action where the advertiser pays for a specified action that takes place. This may be for landing on the page, on the ad, for an impression, click, or when requesting to be contacted or sign up for a newsletter, just to name a few. The advertiser pays only when the agreed upon action takes place.


There are popular advertising companies, such as industry leader AdSense by Google, which are available to bloggers to get started. Some, like AdSense, are very user-friendly and don’t require much technical savvy. Basically, once you set up an account it is as simple as copying and pasting the advertisement code onto your blog page to get you started.


Amazon Associates has a program where you set up a connection from your blog to a product on amazon.com that allows you to earn a portion of sales. When someone clicks through your blog to make a purchase on Amazon, you can make money. This is especially helpful to bloggers focusing on marketing products.


Explore what method works best with your goals and dreams. Play around with it and be willing to adjust as you go. Over time, you will find the niche just right for you.



What type of blog ads work best for you & your blog?




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