3 Facts of Building a Business Blogging

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3 Facts of Building a Business Blogging


There is a lot of talk today about building a business blogging. Scoffers say it is a waste of time, and only a few “big guns” really succeed at it. Let’s delve into the truth of the matter and prove, once and for all, that you can have a successful business blogging.


Fact #1: There is no such thing as instant success. It takes time and a lot of hard work to build a reputable blog site. You must invite your visitors to not just read your valuable articles, but then be motivated to take the next actionable step. Whether you are drawing them to your main website for a product or service, give them something to act on, such as inviting them to Facebook, make a toll-free call, or send a quick email for more information. Free information/samples invite them to explore longer and actually help them get something out of it. Satisfy their desires.


Fact #2: Successful business blogging requires knowledgeable marketing skills. To build high numbers of network trafficking, it is imperative that you have a visible keyword phrase, as information is mainly searched through keyword search engines. Successful bloggers will be located on the first few pages. Consistently analyze your success by using Google Analytics, for example, to see how much traffic you are generating. Then adjust your approach, keywords, and presentation as you go.


Fact #3: You must have the mindset of serving others, which reflects positive character. Selfishness does not establish a reputable blogging business. Offer something they need free of charge whenever possible, because greediness is always self-destructive.  Consider your audience and what they are in search of. Answer questions and respond to comments in your articles. If one person comments and requests specific information, you can be assured others want to know the answers, too. Use that as a springboard for your next article.


Next time you research other successful bloggers, pay attention to how they fulfill all of the above facts. Then go for the gold and let your site shine for others to see. You will find, over time, that it not only creates a successful business blogging, but gives you great satisfaction in knowing you could help and serve others.


What excites you most about building a business blogging?


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