Selling vs. Marketing On Facebook

selling vs marketing

Selling Vs. Marketing On Facebook



Fans = customers ===> That is when you serve them with TRUE value and not look for another way to treat what they need as an opportunity to turn your product into cold CASH.  This is what sellers do & I’m training you to be a marketer (aka servant); not a seller (aka taker).


With that said, if you’re like most of my facebook fans and want to earn your income online from the comfort of your home; I want to give you a great idea for building your own online business using Facebook & earning the income you need.


Here it goes…




What?  Yes, think like a marketer.  Marketers think to satisfy needs.  Their focus is on satisfying someone’s need with the best quality & service they can provide.  Marketer’s want their customers SATISFIED….PERIOD!   Sellers want CASH…Period!  Buyers have needs but want their needs satisfied by marketers and not sellers.  Buyers feel like they can trust marketers… They cannot trust that their need will be fully satisfied when dealing with a Seller.



Now don’t get me wrong, marketers make sales for satisfying needs… but Selling is only the tip of the marketing iceberg.  When the marketer does his job of fully satisfying the need then buying automatically occurs with little to no effort on the marketer’s part.



Hopefully, you’ve done your homework and know what your fans need and actually have a product that can satisfy that need in a superior way with great quality & service.  Now communicate & deliver the value… your product is used to SATISFY.  Don’t worry about the sale.  Think to SATISFY the need and your business will take off… you’ll see!



Selling Vs. Marketing On Facebook


There are 2 marketing ideas I want to share with you.  One being, the selling concept, where it is believed that if you leave consumers and businesses alone they won’t buy a single thing from you.  Therefore, you decide to aggressively sell & promote to these consumers and businesses.  This marketing idea takes upon the notion that …



“the purpose of marketing is to sell more stuff to more people more often for more money in order to make more profit.”  Spoken clearly by Coca-Cola’s  former VP of marketing, Sergio Zyman.




This selling concept is practiced moreso by businesses with products that people don’t necessarily think of buying.  Products like bibles, encyclopedias, insurance, etc…  Other businesses that use this selling concept aggressively are those who have an overcapacity of products with little demand for what they have.  These businesses typically make stuff that people don’t want or what people didn’t express a need or desire for.  Because these businesses seek to sell what they make versus make what the market wants this concept has high risks.  This is why this concept is known as hard selling.  It assumes that people who are influenced to buy will eventually like what they bought and if they don’t like it they won’t return it or bad mouth the product but just may possibly buy the product again.  Lol… very funny!  However, it works for some…


Now, the marketing concept has a servant mentality and instead of being product centered with that make & sell philosophy this marketing concept is more customer-centered.  It takes upon a “sense-and-respond” philosophy.  The businesses who take upon the idea of marketing before selling makes it their point to find the right product for the customer as opposed to finding the right customers for their product.  This marketing concept is for businesses whose sole purpose is to create, deliver and communicate superior customer value to their chosen target market(s).


I’d like to sum this up with a perspective that simplifies the contrast between both marketing ideas: selling & marketing


Where is your focus?  The seller focuses on the needs of the seller, whereas, the marketer focuses on the needs of the buyer.  The whole idea of selling is consumed with a sense of desperation.  The mindset of the Seller and their selling is focused on converting their product into cold, hard CASH.  Marketing focuses on the idea of SATISFACTION.  The sole purpose of the marketer’s day is to satisfy the needs of the customer utilizing the product and the whole platform of solutions associated with creating, delivering, and eventually consuming or using the product itself.



“Your prospects are like thirsty deer in the forest; give them what they want without scaring them away.” ~unknown



What is your Facebook marketing strategy?



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